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Death of the Organizer

The question of what awaits the concert organizer in the near future is something that any promoter working in the entertainment industry asks themselves. Colleagues, everything is fine – in the near future, the classic concert organizer will become extinct like a dinosaur, from hunger. They will simply be excluded from the chain connecting the Artist to the Audience.

The killers of the organizer will be:
1. Artists who believe that the organizer no longer provides real utility with their services.
2. Ticket operators who believe that their ticket-selling skills are sufficient for the successful conduct of concert events.
3. Concert venues willing to take on the risks and troubles of organizing concerts in an effort to earn more than from renting out the venue.
4. Media holdings confident that they can create demand for the projects they are involved in and gather audiences using their resources.

To survive in such a future (which is actually already present), organizers will have to either become one of the aforementioned structures or their combination, or take a new path. There will always be a place in the sun for a new type of organizer – creatives. People capable of using their management talent, unconventional creative thinking, and approaches to the creation and implementation of projects to turn them into cool events.

Such companies may not be able to organize many events (100 or more per year), but their events will be of much higher quality than most other events. These organizers will become large not by the number of events but by their level and class. They will have a loyal audience that has had a positive experience attending their events. The main assets of such organizers will be unique intellectual resources, in simpler terms – brains.

Thus, the show business of the future is a struggle of ideas, and victory will be won by the most creative, bold guys who can work well with information, create real demand for events, and provide Artists and Audiences with not just the opportunity to meet, ensuring the classic set of necessary services, but turning each concert into a super-event!

In short, the choice is simple – create or perish!

President of the Magicbox Association
Serhii Andreev.