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Magic Box Association – we have 14 years of experience under our belt in show business. The Magic Box team is working on very diverse projects. Thanks to the solution of more and more complex tasks, the company continuously develops and grows.

Magic Box Association (hereinafter – “MBA”) was established in November 2004 in Odessa (Ukraine). Our initial intention was to unite “under the same roof” talented people engaged in creativity. A kind of union, an association of people united by common interests, goals, values. The founders of the MBA are Serhii Andriiv and Dmytro Smyrnov, (vocalist of the band PLAYOFF).

Our principles: quality, decency, responsibility, fairness, creativity.

Our goals: worthy presentation of our company, projects and Ukraine at the international scale. Creation of the best shows in the world, generation and realization of bright ideas in the interests of our projects. Ensuring and continually improving the welfare of the Magic Box team.

Our mission: to make people happier, to inspire to do achievements in their lives!

Our values: intelligence, physical and mental health, friendship, willpower, spirit, creativity.

Our dream: to gain trust from the greatest creators of our time and the honor to work with them all over the world!

Президент компании MBA

Sergei Andreyev
President Magic Box Association
phone. +38 050 336 46 53
e-mail: [email protected]







Viktor Lykhodko
CEO/Partner Magic Box Association
phone. +38 063 056 66 45
e-mail: [email protected]








Magic Box in numbers

  • 13 years in show-business
  • 1500+ concerts were organized
  • 200+ artists in cooperation with us
  • 12 countries across the world in the work experience
  • 1m+ people visited Magic Box concerts

Our history in years

  • Magic Box Association was set up in November 2014.
  • The MBA organizes the first club concerts of young rock bands.
  • The Internet newspaper on is established. The newspaper highlights cultural and sports events, publishes interviews, reports from concerts, sports competitions and reviews of releases of music albums. The correspondents of the newspaper were the majority of the MBA staff: Serhii Andriiv (under the pen-name – Skabychevskyi), Dmytro Smyrnov (under the pen-name – Panaiev), Nataliia Shumytska, later Viktor Lykhodko, Kateryna Bonchak also made interviews with artists. The freelance correspondent was Oleksander Proletarskyi.
  • The MBA organizes the first international “MAGIC LIVE FESTIVAL” during the exhibition “Light. Sound. Scene.” in the Odessa Sea Port.
  • The MBA establishes the festival-tribute to the memory of Kurt Cobain called “KURTODROM”, which has become annual.
  • The MBA signs an agreement on the art management of the club “VICTORY”, which later became a legendary concert venue, on the stage of which many famous musicians, poets and journalists performed.
  • The MBA organizes the first tour in Ukraine for bands, included in the Magic Box Association.
  • Viktor Likhodko starts to work in the MBA.
  • The MBA organizes a concert-presentation of the album “Big Plans” of the band “Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsi” (in English – “Semantic Hallucinations”).
  • The MBA publishes an exclusive interview with the legendary British band “Uriah Heep” on the pages of the newspaper.
  • The MBA holds the international festivals, such as “Magic Live” and “Kurtodrom”.
  • The MBA holds the concerts and concert tours of such bands as “Boombox”, “Sunsay”, “Esthetic Education”, “Faktychno Sami”, Sergey Babkin, “Krykhitka Tsakhes”, “Skai”, “Dymna Sumish”, “Cheese People”, “Riva Rochchi”, “Fleur”, “Mertvy Piven” (in English – “Dead Rooster”) and Yurii Andrukhovych and others.
  • The MBA is increasingly active and professional in PR and marketing. Local promotional support for releases is held: “Smyslovye Gallyutsinatsi” (in English – “Semantic Hallucinations”) – “Bolshye plany” (in English – “Big Plands”), “Quadragesima” – “Cosmo”, “Faktychno Sami” – “Lo-Fi TravMY”, “Krykhitka Tsakhes” – “Na pershomu mistsi”(in English – “At first place”), “Retsept” (in English –”Recipe”), “Esthetic Education” – “Face Reading”, “Leave us Alone”, “Flit” – “Zanykai” (in English – “Hide it”), “NeDilia” – “Trokhy teplykh sliv”, Telnyuk Sisters – “Zhovta Kulbaba”, Irena Karpa and “Qarpa” band – “InZHYR”, “Mertvy Piven” (in English – “Dead Rooster”) and Yurii Andrukhovych – “Kryminalni sonety” (in English – “Criminal sonnets”), “Lama” – “Svitlo i tin” (in English – “Light and Shadow”), “Fleur” – “Euphoria”, “Thousand Angels of Light”, “SunSay” – “Diver”, “Cuibul” – “Prize”, “Julian Tomas & Friends” (UK) -“Making Waves”, “Brazzaville” (USA) – “Jetlag Poetry”, “SKAI” – “Planeta SKAI”, “Lumen” – “Buria” (in English – “Storm”) and many others.
  • On the biggest label of Ukraine “Moon Records”, the album of the member of the “Magic Box- Association” the band “PLAYOFF”, called “Eternal Spring” is released. The MBA is conducting a tour in Ukraine in support of the album.
  • Member of the “Magic Box- Association” the band “PLAYOFF” won the competition from the national mobile operator “Kyivstar” for the best melody for a mobile phone (more than 10 thousand downloads) and went on the tour “Djuice Drive” in 24 cities of Ukraine.
  • The MBA organized a tour of the legendary rock band “GORKY PARK” in Ukraine.
  • The MBA organized a tour of the cult American band “BRAZZAVILLE” in Ukraine.
  • The MBA established the distribution company “SOUNDPROFI”: light, sound, stage, multimedia.
  • Dmytro Smyrnov stoped working in the MBA.
  • The MBA signs an agreement with David Brown for management of the band “BRAZZAVILLE” (USA)
  • The MBA conducts concert tours of BRAZZAVILLE in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Turkey, the Baltics, China, the USA.
  • The MBA opens a representative office in Moscow.
  • After almost a 10-year break in the status of managing partner Viktor Likhodko returns to the MBA.
  • The MBA organizes a tour of the orchestra “Resonance” around Russia, Poland, the Baltics, Belarus
  • The MBA opens the new activity area aimed at the events management called “Magic Box Events”.
  • During the years 2014-2016, the MBA together with the company “Kvartal Concert” organizes the celebration of New Year’s Eve in the best banquet complex of Ukraine “Renaissance” with the participation of entertainers of the first-magnitude, such as Studio “Kvartal-95”, Tina Karol, Oleh Vynnyk and others.
  • The MBA creates video production “Magic Box Video”.
  • The MBA produces the symphony orchestra “Hardy”.
  • The MBA starts cooperation and general management of person of naturals gifts from Odessa, quarter-finalist of the television show “Voice of the county” Felix Shinder and music co-operative “Dengi Vpered”
  • The MBA creates the largest symphony music show in the world “Battle of Orchestras”
  • The MBA produces concert programs with the participation of various symphony orchestras, such as “Queen Forever”, “French Kiss”, with lead vocalists Joel Virgel, Daria Kovtun and Margarita Meleshko, “Elvis – the king of rock and roll”, “Favorite Songs of Leonid Utyosov”.
  • The MBA organizes a concert of the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 JAMALA at the Odessa National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet.
  • The MVA organizes a grandiose concert of Oleh Vynnyk in the Akkerman Fortress. Video
  • The MBA organizes the “505” tour in Ukraine for the 5th anniversary of the band Vremya & Steklo, the tour “Na Stile”
  • The MBA organizes the anniversary tour thorough Ukraine “Golden whales. 10 years” of Potap and Nastya band
  • The MBA organizes the tour “Kruche Vseh” in Ukraine of №1 teen-group Open Kids
  • The MBA organizes Ukrainian tour of multiartist Monatik

MBA organized concerts

  • Bumbox, Skryabin, Vopli Vidoplyasova, Hardkiss, Druga Rika, Esthetic Education, Sunsay, Sergey Babkin, Fleur, Pianoboy, Jamala, Lama, Skye, Antitela, Marakesh, Karamazov Brothers, Tartak, Tik, Picardiyska Tercia, Mansound, Tabula Rasa, Valentine Strykalo, Epolets, Fontaliza, Dzidzio, Felix Schinder and Odesskiy music cooperative “Dengi Vpered”, Mango-Mango, Be My Guest, Nervy.
  • Monatik, Vremya & Steklo, Potap and Nastya, Tina Karol, Svetlana Loboda, Elka, Olya Polyakova, Irina Bilyk, Oleh Vynnyk, Open Kids, Mozgi, Dside Band, NeAngely, Nikita, Alyona Vinnitskaya, Lyapis Trubetskoy, Lyapis 98, Park Gorky, Vyacheslav Butusov, Yu-Peter, Nike Borzov, Brothers Grimm, Vasya Oblomov, Lumen, SLOT, Smyslivye Gallucinatsii, DDT, Chaif, Gândul Mâţei, Zdob zi Zdub, Trigon.
  • Michel Legran (Fr), De Phazz, Bohemians (the best world tribute show Queen UK), Brazzaville (USA), Julian Tomas & Friends (UK), Adolfo Sebastiani and the Lui gli amici del re band (best world tribute show Adriano Celentano It) Dmitry Gordon, Studia Kvartal-95, KVN team “Uyezdnyi gorod”, Shumahyery Brothers, Boris Moiseyev, Samotsvety band, Mikhail Kazinik.
  • Noize MC, Guf, Assai, Triada, Johnnie Boy, KDK, 25/17, Tuman, Loc Dog, Valery Zhidkov, Theater 19, Black Square, Virsky Ensemble, Vlad Sytnyk, Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments of Ukraine, the State Academic Variety Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, the Orchestra “Virtuosos of Slobozhanshchina”, the Resonance Orchestra, the Lords of the Sound Orchestra and others.