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For partners

The Magic Box Company is open to cooperation with all possible partners. Of course, for us the moral and ethical qualities of the partner, the level of professionalism and the quality of the product or services are important. This applies to both tangible and intangible things. Our company was founded in 2004 and at the time of writing this text we are 13 years old. From the first day, at first on an intuitive level, now also at the level of awareness we are guided by these principles in relation to partners and to ourselves. We are convinced that for this reason the Magic Box has partners and employees with whom we have been walking together in life and have been making progress for many years!

For artists

Do it cool, it will be cool! This is one of the mottos of the Magic Box and we are always interested in working with those who do cool! We do not cease to dream and strive for cosmic heights (this can be seen even by our logo;)) and we invite bright and talented creators to board our magical spaceship.

For producers

We have great respect for people with a special vision capable of uniting talented people, taking risks and creating such a creative product that will inspire millions of people! Misters producers, Magic Box company is ready to become your reliable partner for many years and help in achieving the most superb and ambitious goals! We will provide effective advertising and promotional support for your projects, quality organization of concerts, promotion of your artists to private / corporate and social events. The experience and creative potential of Magic Box is at your disposal!

For organisations

We are open to cooperation and are interested in expanding the circle of our partners and customers. Our company is ready to offer very favorable conditions for buying tickets for events organized by us under collective and corporate applications. We will also be happy to expand our charity activities both on our own projects and to contribute to the implementation of projects initiated by other organizations. In general, we at the Magic Box see unlimited opportunities for developing relationships with organizations, and in other words – with people who share our values. Without a doubt, constructive and active cooperation gives tremendous growth, as well as the joy of joint creativity and communication!

For sponsors

We are charged for success 365 days a year and we are happy to invite the same as us enthusiasts to mutually beneficial cooperation! The opportunities for achieving new heights in business are always much greater when we join forces. We are convinced that the chances of realizing great ideas together are greatly enhanced! We offer mutually beneficial cooperation, which will allow: popularize your brand or services, expand the audience and customer loyalty to your company, get direct contact with your potential customers. Tools for achieving the necessary results due to cooperation with our company are really many and we are always aimed at finding the most effective and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. Contact us in any convenient way and we will work with pleasure to achieve common goals and objectives!

For agencies

Colleagues, our company is very interested in creating a powerful partner network around the world. We will be glad and grateful if you will consider Magic Box as a partner for realization of your projects in those markets where we are most effective. At the same time, we are also interested in promoting our projects in different countries. Dear partners – with whom we already have the honor to cooperate, we will be glad to give additional impetus and to intensify our contacts, because no matter how high the pace and volume of cooperation were, it is always possible to do more and better! Also, we appeal to those companies that we do not know yet or do not have the experience of cooperation – let’s start!) From our side, we promise to do everything possible to make our cooperation successful, comfortable and create a powerful synergetic effect!