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The show “Battle of Orchestras – Children” won the hearts of Ukrainians!

On April 22, the unique and first in Ukraine musical show “Battle of Orchestras – Kids” took place on the stage of the October Palace, which will forever remain as warm memory in the hearts of those who saw this grandiose event. According to the results of the audience vote, the victory went to the Kyiv orchestra “Suvenir” with the score 511 against 386 votes for “Lvivski Fanfary” orchestra.
More than 140 musical talents on one stage, a virtuoso playing on wind instruments, dances, vocals and charm of two absolutely amazing conductors Oleksandr Biloshapka (orchestra “Suvenir”, Kyiv) and Andriian Leskiv (orchestra “Lvivski Fanfary”, Lviv) joined in this evening into a single musical space. The hall, filled with sincere fans of young musicians, chanted after each melody.

The “Author’s tour” of the musical show began with the execution of the Kyiv “Suvenir” jazz-funk composition “Up Town Funk”. “Lvivski Fanfary” surprised by the combination of the play and dancing in the composition “Nash kray”. The conductor skillfully performed dance “pas” and directed the rhythm of the whole orchestra. National tour was also opened by “Lvivski Fanfary” with an even brighter orchestral and dance performance, performing the composition “Chorna Hora” (in English: “Black mountain”). The people of Kyiv performed a folk melody – “Shchedryk”. Also in the national tour were heard: “Kolomiyki”, “Dva Persteni”, performed by “Lvivski Fanfary”. “Suvenir” played modern national hits: “Namaliui meni ochi” and “Starі Photografii”, which was especially remembered by the rap solo of young musicians. At the end of the “National Tour”, both orchestras and soloists performed a patriotic song, calling everyone to the peace above the heads of “My za myr” (in English: “We are for peace”). The “World Hits” tour was opened by star guests of the show rock band “Numer 482” and virtuoso young drummer Kateryna Kuziakina with an energetic song “Good Morning Ukraine “. “Lvivski Fanfary” performed with bright margarettes, performing the composition “Buleria”. “Suvenir” answered with real rock, and the whole hall was toe tapping in rhythm under the fiery “We Will Rock You”. The Lviv residents still kindled the hall, singing “Michael Jackson Hits” in unison behind conductor Andriian, repeating the famous “moon walk”. “Sovenir” caused tears of the audience in the hall by “Nella Fantasia”, touching vocals of Oleksandr Biloshapka and lyrical solo on the flute from the participant of the “Suvenir” orchestra. Then the Lviv residents showed a real musical trick – simultaneously playing keepie-uppie with one foot and at the same time playing on wind instruments.

“Suvenir” once again caused a standing ovation in the hall, having performed the compositions “Shape On You” and incendiary “Freedom” by the author Pharrella Willliams, “Lvivski Fanfary” forced to dance the whole hall under the Latin motives “Despasito”. The enchanting finale of this amazing musical action was the sound of “The Show Must Go On” with tears of happiness in front of the children and their parents. The hosts of the evening – Khrystyna Ped and Yurii Tkach, as well as the young couple Elizavieta Kostiakina and Oleksandr Minonok, also enthusiastically congratulated both the orchestra and their conductors, as well as the organizers of the show Magic Box Company with this grandiose event in the world of music. From the hall, the mountains of flowers fell on the stage, and the children at that time felt themselves to be stars. And they are really stars of this evening, thanks to talent, great work, charm and impeccable faith and support from the conductors, we were able to get these incredible emotions of happiness, admiration, tenderness, sincerity. And tears of happiness in front of everyone! In the meantime, the participants and the audience share their impressions after the concert, we are already preparing for you new surprises. This autumn we promise a reciprocal battle of the “Lvivski Fanfary” to the Kyiv “Suvenir” in Lviv. See you soon at the most moving musical project of the year “Battle of Orchestras – Kids”!