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Artem Pivovarov in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

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Tickets are from 650 to 2650 UAH.

On March 9th, a major solo concert by Artem Pivovarov will take place in Kyiv!

Artem Pivovarov is a unique Ukrainian artist whose songs instantly become hits. He’s a coach on “The Voice of the Country,” a trendsetter in the music industry, promoting Ukrainian culture and filling venues around the world. After two sold-out shows at the Stereo Plaza in the capital and two concerts at the “Ukraine” Palace with an orchestra and choir during a full-scale war, the artist has chosen the next meeting place in Kyiv – the Palace of Sports!

At the concert, you can expect authentic Ukrainian music and a new, unique show! This massive music event will dazzle you with its brightness, touch the strings of your soul, and leave an unforgettable impression. You will immerse yourself in a special atmosphere, feel the magical power of music, and hear your favourite hits live: “Déjà vu,” “Mirage,” “Thoughts,” “Manifest,” “There in the Poplar,” and more. Pivovarov Team concerts are always filled with wild energy, sincere emotions, and open communication. Come and catch the right vibes!

This concert, like all the previous ones, has a charitable purpose. Artem Pivovarov and his team have been supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the first days of the full-scale war. The funds raised at the concert will be directed towards purchasing items to assist our soldiers in their fight for the freedom and future of Ukraine.

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