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Felix Schinder described how the preparation for “Battle of Orchestras” is going on


Felix Schinder gave an interview and talked about preparations for the “Battle of Orchestras” show

– How is your preparation for the “Battle of Orchestras” show going?

– To begin with, greetings to everyone from Odessa and Bonzhur from Moldavanka. I’m ready for everything. I will have a rehearsal for half an hour, I sing one song and known to me well

– What song will you perform? What was the argument of your choice?

– Actually “7-40”. The song about endless optimism and hard faith.

– Have you ever taken part in the show? What were your impressions?

– Participated three times. Sensations from the show, as if “the Roman army is preparing for a parade in honor of the victory over the barbarians.” Hundreds of people on stage and all make sounds, fingers on the strings on the keys of the hand waving smoke is coming.

– What are you working on now? What surprises do your fans are to expect from your creativity?

– Our cooperative “Dengi Vpered” is working on a new song over the Odessa Reggae. The song will be folk and let God come out super cool. Surprises will be pleasant.

– If you had the opportunity to vote, which orchestra would give preference?

If I had the opportunity to vote, I would give my voice, in general, I sing with two orchestras and I do not plan to make enemies myself, what for provocation? Well, stop!

– With which of the famous world orchestras you dream of collaborating with?

– To be honest, I did not think and do not know any world orchestras!

– What are your expectations from participating in “Battle of Orchestras”?

– I like to whistle and shout out my songs, I do not think I’m a suitable singer for orchestral music. About expectations – I want to shake hands to the conductors and get smiles from violins, they are always very good ones. That’s why they are sitting in front.