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Preparation for the show “Battle of Orchestras” with rock band “Numer 482”

Numer 482 is a Ukrainian rock band. The collective was founded in 1998 in Odessa. Leader and one of the founders of the band is the vocalist Vitalii Kyrychenko, who before played in the “Mr. Golf” band.

– How was your preparation for the show “Battle of Orchestras”?

– We iron our tuxedos and prepare a welcome speech.

– What composition will you perform and what is the reasoning of your choice?

– Accompanied by two orchestras, we will perform the song “Good morning, Ukraine”. “Battle of Orchestras” is a domestic invention and symbolically, as we carry out a signature song of the band, which is sung for our homeland.

– Have you ever taken part in the show? What were the impressions?

– Yes, we already had the honor to perform at the show in Odessa. Odessa is our hometown, so for us it’s twice as special, because our relatives were in the hall.

– What are you doing now? What surprises do your fans are to expect?

– In this case, the group Numer482 turns 20 years, in the fall we have to submit a new album and make a great solo concert

– If you had the opportunity to vote, which orchestra preferred?

– The spectators are voting, we are pleased to work with all the musicians.

– With which of the famous world orchestras do you dream of collaborating with?

– It is interesting and pleasant for us to work with Ukrainian musicians. We consider them not so much worse than the world ones.

– What are your expectations of participating in the show “Battle of Orchestras”?

– Our task is to carry positive and drive, so I would like to get energy from the hall. It would be interesting to play within the framework of “Battle of Orchestras” with Ukraine and the world.