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(English) Vlad Sytnyk told how preparations for the “Battle of Orchestras” show are going on.

Вибачте цей текст доступний тільки в “Англійська”.

The popular Ukrainian singer Vlad Sytnyk won the “Slavic Bazaar” festival. Vlad shared the impression of preparing for the “Battle of Orchestras” show


How is your preparation for “Battle of Orchestras” going on?

– I would not say at all that this preparation is ordinary rehearsals. Working with orchestras is a commonplace thing for me. From childhood, I worked with different orchestras and different compositions. However, this time I will perform at once with two orchestras of the National Instrument Orchestra of Ukraine and the Odessa City Orchestra. Preparation is standard, we meet, rehearse, I get real pleasure, and, in general, I think that working with an orchestra is a true art in the living.

What song will you perform? What was the argument of your choice?

– I will perform the song “Le Temps de Cathedrales” from Notre Dame de Paris. I did not think over the choice for a long time. This is one of my favorite songs and with this composition of the orchestra I have not performed it yet.

What are you working for now? What surprises do your fans are to expect from your creativity?

– First of all, expect new songs, on which we are actively working now. In addition, we are working now on my solo concert, which you will likely be able to see on screens. Well, and, of course, surprises should be surprises, so there is not much rescue at a later date and I will not talk about all of my plans.

If you had the opportunity to vote, which orchestra would give preference?

– I play with both orchestras and it is difficult for me to choose, one can say that both orchestras are stunning and they sound great. Therefore, I think we will give this opportunity to our respected spectator!

Which of the world’s famous orchestras do you dream of collaborating with?

– A difficult question. I worked with different orchestras: chamber compositions, symphonic, pop-symphonic, wind instruments and folk instrument orchestras, and each of them was in my own way good. It seems to me that the main interaction and harmony here. After all, on the one hand, it is a great pleasure to work when there is such a “vehicle” behind your back, but at the same time, it is a huge responsibility to the musicians. To be honest, I have never thought about this issue, there is a huge number of magnificent orchestras in the world I would like to collaborate with. Nevertheless, if you talk about names, then with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

What are your expectations from participating in “Battle of Orchestras”?

– I want to enjoy the process and enjoy the magic of music and most importantly, people in the hall have enjoyed what they heard and what is happening on stage, after all, everything we do, first of all for the spectator.