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(English) Ukrainian singer My Ree told about the preparations for the show “Battle of Orchestras”

Вибачте цей текст доступний тільки в “Англійська”.

To perform with the orchestra is a special feeling. I can hardly describe it in words. The Magicbox Association interviewed a young, beautiful and talented My Ree.

How is your preparation for “Battle of Orchestras” going?

– Now, I sing a song and prepare an outfit in which I will go on stage of the October Palace. I am looking forward to the first rehearsals with the Odessa City Orchestra.

What song will you perform? What was the argument of your choice?

– I wanted to choose a special song in which I can open and reach each spectator and my choice fell on our – folk, Ukrainian song “Ya pidu v daleki hory” (in English: “I will go into the distant mountains”). As well as I am from Western Ukraine, I think it was the right choice, and with this song, we will all dip into the color and beauty of our Carpathians.

What are you working for now? What surprises do your fans are to expect from your creativity?

– Tomorrow, I have a premiere of the new English-language song “You are ready”. I’m really waiting for this premiere, because the track is different from all previous compositions. It characterizes modern trends of all hits of this season – reggaeton rhythm. I think it will become the anthem of this summer.

If you had the opportunity to vote, which orchestra would give preference?

– Of course, the orchestra with which I will work.

What are your expectations from participating in “Battle of Orchestras”?

– The most positive. As a child, I often worked with orchestras, but I did not have to do this for more than 10 years, so I was in great anticipation. To perform with the orchestra is a special feeling, I can hardly describe it in words.