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(English) Beatles Tribute Show soloist Marty Scott about the eternity of The Beatles hits, the history of the creation of the Liverpool Legends band and the beauty of Ukrainian girls

Вибачте цей текст доступний тільки в “Англійська”.

Already this weekend in Odessa for the first time a concert of the Liverpool Legends band will take place, which will give the audience an incredible show based on the legendary The Beatles. Artists gather big concert halls around the world and are very popular and respected among Beatles fans. In an exclusive interview with Liverpool Legends guitarist and vocalist Marty Scott, we talked about the upcoming trip to Ukraine, the history of the creation of the band and the favorite hits of The Beatles.

1. In Soviet times Beatles music was prohibited in Ukraine. How can you explain why it became so popular and beloved by millions of people here?

I think it’s a wonder of the world why The Beatles are even more
Popular today than even in the 60’s all over the world. I believe it is magical and there is no other band in the world that has attained this. Every age group, every race, everybody loves The Beatles. I think their music and their message of peace and love still is very valid today and it’s just that good that every new generation discovers The Beatles and realizes that they are the best songs written of all time. They affected everyone’s lives all over the world. I think also because the were banned in Ukraine in the 60’s it made people there
Even more passionate about The Beatles because people had to really work hard to get the records back then in an underground way.

2. How do you think, what is the secret why The Beatles became the greatest band in history?
The were not only the coolest, but they also were the best songwriter/singers in modern times. When you hear them on the radio today they still sound a cool as anything else you might here as well..

3. How did you meet Louise Harrison and how did you start Liverpool Legends?
I had met Louise, I was singing at a Beatles convention in Chicago. It was right after George had passed away, just a couple of months. Louise was the guest of honor at the festival. She’s there at this three-day Beatles convention thing, and I was singing. The way she puts it, she hadn’t really grieved for George’s passing yet. She’s pretty spiritual, and I think she, funny enough, thought that I was brought to her by some powers that be. We just hit it off.
We spent the weekend sort of hanging out and getting to know each other. Literally, a week later, She brought me to meet Paul McCartney I’m sitting on a couch between her and Paul for 45 minutes. . It was an amazing time in my life and super cool.”
After few years of being really close friends we decided that we wanted to put together a really special Beatles Tribute Show. Something that she would be proud of being a part of and something that if George was still alive that he would hopefully think was great too!


4. Curious to know, did Paul McCartney or Ringo Star visited you shows? If yes, what were their impressions?
Paul has a DVD of the band for sure. I’ve heard he has and given it a thumbs up!

5. You performed in many countries of the world, do the Beatles fans differ somehow depending on the country, continent?
Beatles fans are all
Over the world. It’s amazing. We have performed in many countries the Beatles never went and every place we go they all sing and dance at the top of their lungs even if they don’t speak English they still sing all the words loudly. It’s an awesome experience.

6. What are your expectations about visiting Ukraine and meeting with Ukrainian fans?
We can’t wait to experience Ukraine and get to spread The Beatles message there! We’ve heard how amazing it is there and are really looking forward to touring the different cities and meeting the people there.

7. What are the most popular Beatles songs on your opinion?
There are so many it’s impossible to choose. So many great ones that is the amazing thing about the Beatles. Hundreds of amazing songs. For me personally Here Comes The Sun, Hey Jude and Twist and Shout are favorites.

8. Liverpool Legends were nominated on Grammy Awards, could you tell what did you record?
We recorded all the Beatles songs in an interview record louise narrated the disc in 2012. It’s ended up being nominated for a Grammy in the spoken word category against major stars Val Kilmer, Betty White and Tina Fey. Betty White won the Grammy that year but we got to go there and get interviewed on the red carpet. It was amazing. And Paul performed there that year as well!

9. How do you shows usually go, is there a place for communication with the audience?
Our shows are very interactive. We try to give the illusion of what it might have been like to actually see The Beatles in concert.

Maybe there is even a chance for the people to make a selfie with the band?

Yes of course

10. Your visit to Ukraine that is a big event for all Beatles fans in our country. If you wish, right now you can tell them a few words!)
We are super excited to come perform in Ukraine! The Beatles sang “Ukraine girls really knock me out, and leave the West behind”! Right?! We can’t wait!! 🙂