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(English) Interview with Oleh Kuntyi, conductor of National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments (NAOFI)

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NAOFI`s conductor Oleh Kuntyi: When I get behind the console in front of the orchestra – I feel quite a different dimension.

NAOFI`s conductor Oleh Kuntyi told about the preparation of the orchestra for the upcoming “Battle of Orchestras” in the October Palace and about the way it passed before becoming a part of the legendary orchestra, which is the pride of our country.

– On April 21, the “Battle of Orchestras” show will be held at the October Palace, in which NAOFI and ODESSA CITY ORCHESTRA will take part. What can the audience expect from the show?

– Our priority task is a satisfied spectator and if you need to change something in the program, even when it’s not good for our orchestra (NAOFI) – we meet the needs. For example, today the organizer asked us to replace one of our performances, because Odessa City Orchestra also wishes to perform it. So, we replaced this performance without problems.

 “For the orchestra “NAOFI” experiments are new colors. Of course, we have a lot of our own, but all that is added is good “- Victor Hutsal.

 – The musical show “Battle of Orchestras” is also an experiment for the orchestra NAOFI?

– In fact, it is an experiment not only for NAOFI, but also for all collectives who have taken, are taking and will take part in the “Battle of Orchestras” show. However, this experiment is winning first of all for the viewer. After all, at concerts of this format there is a unique chance to hear more than one orchestra, and immediately two large full-fledged orchestras. The highlight of this show is that the orchestras are different in instrumental composition, sound and color. Personally, it’s very exciting for me.


– What is the motto of the orchestra “NAOFI”?

– Our motto is “To bring joy to people!”

– What was your path before you became a conductor of NAOFI?

– My main specialty while studying at the conservatory (now at the academy) is the accordion. Although more time went to classes on the accordion, I constantly organized around me different in the instrumental composition collectives. With them I performed at many concerts, also visited many European countries, where our performances were successful and we were always expected. However, my mentor – Victor Hutsal decided my destiny differently, inviting me to work in NAOFI. Now I have an incredible chance to be involved in the creation of the legendary orchestra, which really is the pride of our country.


 “A conductor is probably a brain, because he directs all processes, if they functioned as a single organism”- artistic director of NAOFI Victor Hutsal.

– Do you agree with the quote of your art director? When you conduct an orchestra, how do you feel about this status?

– Undoubtedly, I agree, because how can any process work by itself? Always and in everything there is one who organizes it.

When I get behind the console in front of the orchestra – I feel (it’s without any exaggeration) a completely different dimension. Music – this is not subject matter, and musicians – not the tools of labor. Everything is alive – moving, changing. Get the result that sounds in the head is not so simple. This is a very costly process, both energetically and with time. Time flies with surprising speed. However, it is behind the console that I feel very comfortable. This is exactly the feeling when you are bold to say to yourself: “My work brings me pleasure!”.


– The “NAOFI” orchestra wins the sixth time in the musical show “Battle of Orchestras”. This time you are also ready to win the people of Odessa?

– Tell me, please, who does not want victories?