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Vremya & Steklo band

One of the most popular bands in the post-Soviet space, breaking records of Youtube video clips and achieving true folk love thanks to talents of Nadia Dorofeeva and Lyosha Zavgorodny, Potap’s production skills and the entire Mozgi Entertainment team and, of course, the huge work of the guys. The active collaboration of the Magic Box in the organization of the concerts of Vremya & Steklo began with the tour “505”, launched in 2015 and timed to the 5th anniversary of the group. Observe and empathize with the period of global growth in the popularity of the band was a real magic! After the successful tour “505” in 2015-2016, our company continued to cooperate with the team in the no less successful and grandiose tour “Na Stile”, which hit all over Ukraine in 2017.

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