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Felix Schinder and Odessa music cooperative “Dengi Vpered”

Bright, original, incredibly charismatic and talented person of naturals gifts Felix Shinder, who managed to unite in his musical cooperative no less colorful characters already at such a young age becomes a legend. Felix and his team are real musical gangsters, resolutely and ruthlessly exciting the world. Their weapons are love and charm! Together with the toe-tapping residents of Odessa sing in different parts of the world – from Odessa to Tel Aviv, from Paris to Rio de Janeiro, from Lima to Amsterdam! And at the concerts of the Cooperative one can meet both the workers of the Privoz and the real celebrities, which speaks of real popular love for Shinder and his team. At the heart of the concert repertoire of the King of Odessa folklore, the most popular Odessa and Jewish songs, time-tested, as well as their own works that have every chance to turn into the classic of the Odessa song. Felix is the soloist of the concert program dedicated to the great Odessite Leonid Utyosov. Concerts “Favorite Songs of Leonid Utyosov” with great success were held in Odessa and Kyiv, accompanied by the orchestra and choir of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the direction of Dmitry Zhanovich Antonyuk. (link to video). Felix Schinder and his musical cooperative with each of his performances vividly illustrates the motto of the Magic Box – every concert is an event!

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