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The history of cooperation of Magic Box with a cult American band from Los Angeles, founded by ex-saxophonist of Beck – David Brown began in the distant 2011. During this time, Brazzaville released three albums – Jetlag Poetry (2011), Morro Bay (2013), The Oceans of Ganymede (2016) and a compilation of hits Welcome to Brazzaville II, which includes the famous cover version of Brazzaville on song of Victor Tsoi and Kino band – “Zvezda po imeni Solntse» (in English: The star called Sun) and composition « Zelenoglazoe Taksi» (in English: Green eyed taxi), which became a super hit back in the 80s in the performance of Mikhail Boyarsky, and later got a new life in the interpretation of the coolest band Liapis Trubetskoy. In 2013, David Brown is involved in a secret project of Zemfira – Uchpochmack, the conjoint song Mistress, which occupied the top rank charts and became the undisputed hit. The geography of the concert activity of Brazzaville covers many countries, including the USA, Russia, Belarus, China, Turkey, Ukraine, Spain, Latvia and others. In 2017 Magic Box company initiated a concert tour to the 20th anniversary of Brazzaville, which became a real event for all the fans of this unique team’s creativity.

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